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May 20, 2013
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All Hail the King and Queen by xHee-Heex All Hail the King and Queen by xHee-Heex
photo by Ger Tysk [link]
Simon made and worn by :iconxhee-heex:
Marceline made and worn by :iconhopie-chan:


There are still lots of things that I want to change or improve on with this John Lenn- I mean Simon Petrikov costume, but as a whole I'm super super happy and satisfied with how it turned out!

I had never made a prosthetic before, I'd never laid my own facial hair pieces, I'd never made a functioning backpack, spandex gloves, or dabbled in PAX paint, but I pushed myself to research and learn about all these things in order to get as accurate as I could with this costume! I also had to make the costume for our Little Marcy, and had a blast with that! Even if I was terrified of using such tiny patterns! x3

One unfortunate thing about this run-through was that I thought I'd lost my Science Parasite (the little pink fella in Simon's pocket), but no, he'd just fallen to the bottom of my garment bag and was found RIGHT as I was taking the costume off. XD Ooooh well! Slippery little buggars. On top of that, I had some really cool antique polaroids and video cameras that I wanted to use for poses with Chlo-Chlo (our Marcy), but our time in costume was absolutely chaotic, and we found ourselves nearly late to everything on account of the crowds and never wanting to upset anyone by turning down a photo request at Anime Matsuri (although we did have to apologize and hurry on past a few, SO SORRY IF WE DID THAT TO YOU).

But we ARE planning an on-location photoshoot (as well as more surprises!), so I'm really excited to fix my costume up for that.

My DA Adventure Time gallery: [link]

More photos, including progress, found on our Facebook page! [link]

**WE ALSO GOT A TUMBLR!** [link]


NOTE: A lot of folks had asked, but I'll just be honest and say that I probably won't ever get to writing a how-to on the different parts of this costume. I tell myself time and time again with different projects that I will, but I never do. But I may make a Youtube Tutorial list some day, as I learned pretty much everything I needed to via the work of great teachers on the interwebs. c:

For now, though, you can look at this compilation of progress photos: [link]
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yayaxxxdaisuke Jun 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
ok i know this is kinda off topic but does any one think that marceline looks A LOT like alice from pandora hearts?! (black alice of course)
EggRin Jun 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i like marceline
KirstenChocolate Jun 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I really love those Simon shoes! *v*
I loved seeing you guys yesterday! Beautiful cosplay!
Oh, you must be thinking of someone else! These photos were taken at Anime Matsuri in Texas. c:
oh wow, we'll they're beautiful anyways ^.^
Haha, thanks! I'd hope our costumes don't look TOO much like anyone else's!
hihey May 22, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Great Cosplay!
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